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The first residency artist of 2013 here at Titanik gallery is I-Yeh Wu from Taipei, Taiwan.
Here’s what I-Yeh is going to work with during his residency:

Dollar-post 2.0 is an electronic mail system, based on my previous work Dollar-post. (More infos please see my website This time, brand-new system comes with new functions, interface, and an advertisement. Dollar-post 2.0 becomes more like a product for public, rather than a personal tool. It tries to find out the emotion that we are gradually forgotten when we send a message to others.

dollar post in c4cc (1)

Dave Lawrence: Extra-Version
22.november – 9.december
OPENING THU 22.november at 6 pm

A new exhibition opens at the Titanik Gallery on 22.11.2012 and reveals a sonic art retrospective bridging through to the end of the last century. “Extra-Version” connects archived sound work to new compositions and explorations, created in Turku as Sumu artist in residence (Autumn 2012).

Dave Lawrence ( is of Ii & London, and has exhibited/performed sonic art across Europe and beyond, stretching the last 10 years and more. An active collaborator with a wide range of international artists – specialists in video art, cinematic film, sculpture, sound, poetry, drama, performance, and natural/bio science research.

The exhibition reflects a contemporary archive of work exploring the outside world – the surrounding environment of nature and life. The artist obsessively captures sound from the real world, rather like scientific data, releasing it after experimentation in new compositional forms – for silent and personal absorptive analysis.

“Extra-Version” is in fact a subversion – careful listening to our environment can enable us to discover as much about ourselves as we can about the macro and micro organisms of our surroundings. Extrovert becomes introvert, becomes extrovert.

You are warmly invited to visit the latest exhibition at the Titanik Gallery, Turku – an opportunity to spend time in different sound worlds, in 3 different spaces; cinematic projection, sonic kaamos, and the withdrawing room.

More info:

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Dave Lawrence: Extra-Version
22.11. – 9.12.

Tarkastelemalla ympäristöään oppii jotain itsestään. Ulkoisesta tulee sisäistä, ja sisäisestä ulkoista.

Titanik-gallerian residenssivieraan, englantilaisen Dave Lawrencen näyttely Extra-Version yhdistää ääntä, videota ja kuvaa. Näyttelyssä Lawrence sitoo yhteen yhdeksänkymmentäluvulla tuottamiaan ääniteoksia syksyn 2012 residenssissä toteutettuihin töihin.

Extra-Version esittelee materiaalia, jota taiteilija on kerännyt ympäristöstään, esimerkiksi luonnosta ja jokapäiväisestä elämästä. Lawrence on tallentanut materiaalin lähes tieteellisellä huolellisuudella ja tämän jälkeen luonut siitä kokeellisia, sävellyksellisiä äänimaisemia.

Näyttely jakautuu kolmeen eri äänimaailmaan kolmessa eri tilassa, joista yhdessä voi nähdä elokuvaprojektion, toisessa kuulla äänikaamoksen ja kolmannessa kokea rauhoittumisen.

Lawrence asuu ja työskentelee vuoroin Lontoossa vuoroin Iissä, Pohjois-Suomessa. Viimeisten kymmenen vuoden aikana Lawrencella on ollut näyttelyitä ja esityksiä Euroopassa ja sen ulkopuolella.

Lawrence on tehnyt yhteistyötä laajan kansainvälisen taiteilijajoukon kanssa, kurottaen videotaiteesta ja elokuvasta draamaan, runouteen, performanssiin ja jopa luonnontieteellisiin yhteistyöprojekteihin.

Tervetuloa Extra-Version -näyttelyn avajaisiin Titanik-gallerialle tostaina 22.11. klo 18! Taiteilija Dave on tavattavissa tilaisuudessa.


Hello – I am the current (sonic) artist in residence at Sumu, Titanik Gallery in Turku ….. and it is great to be here !   🙂

More about what I do in other posts here on the blog, but please call in and visit me at the studio, Titanik; I am there most afternoons – just follow the sounds …. and you will find me..

oh yes – I wonder if you can help ?

… do you know people who have an acoustic piano ? I would like to play free improvisation for 5 minutes on as many pianos as possible on the special day of Wed Oct 10th 2012 – this is going to be the day of the very first ‘pianothon’ event!  🙂

Please contact me on (or via the gallery) if you can help put me in touch with ‘piano people’ in Turku. The sound recordings will be part of a composition to be exhibited later, in an installation.

… and do you have any old clocks  (especially if they make a sound) ? Maybe I could borrow it, or them, in November for a while ? We would take good care of them and they would meet many other clocks – it will be very good for them. Make them happy!  After a few weeks they can come back to you, all very refreshed …   (please let me know by email on .. or you could contact the gallery)

ok, I hope to hear from you, it would be great if you could help.



Clemens Wilhelm 2009


In July 2009 Clemens Wilhelm started out on foot to walk from Munich to the Venice Biennial. The path of more than 600 km took him across the alps in one month, from the Southern German lowlands across the high mountain ranges of the Alps and down to the Adriatic sea. Along the way he took a photograph of the road ahead every 15 minutes. These pictures blend into a slideshow video.

The German filmmaker Werner Herzog once said in an interview that if one wanted to become an artist, one should not spend years in art school but take a long walk alone with a camera. As his graduation project, Clemens Wilhelm undertook this long walk.

Walking south to Italy has a long tradition in European art history. Many north-European artists since Renaissance times have traveled to Italy to study the arts, and due to limited resources they often walked. Taking a long walk at the end of your apprenticeship also has a long tradition among other European craftsmen.

The Venice Biennial is arguably the most famous contemporary art exhibition in the world and it is considered a great honour for any artist to be showing there. But this road to Venice is long, unsafe and rocky. However, the challenge of taking on the real road to Venice shows striking parallels to an artist career. When just starting out as an artist, you may ask yourself: “Will I make it to Venice in the end?” But a whole mountain range separates you from that goal.

But Clemens Wilhelm’s video is more than this: the process of walking, the everchanging road itself and spending time with yourself seem equally important as the goal Venice. The Biennial as a goal becomes secondary, as the viewer starts to walk with him, picture by picture. The viewer starts to travel in his/her mind on his/her own imaginary path through strinkingly beautiful mountain ranges, green fields and sundrenched forests.

This FRIDAY 31st (6PM) at Titanik Gallery, for the first time the screening of this film will be accompanied by a mesmerizing musical live performance by ZEN 100.

Clemens Wilhelm (Berlin) is the current artist-in-residency at SUMU/Titanik.

Clemens Wilhelm 2012



16/08 – 31/08/2012

Opening: Thu 16/08/12 7 PM (Turku Night of the Arts)

“It always takes one to know one, stranger.

Maybe we’re just wiser now.

Yeah, and been around the block

so many times

that we don’t notice

that we’re all just perfect strangers

as long as we ignore

that we all begin as strangers

just before we find

we really aren’t strangers


– Tom Waits and Bette Midler “I Never Talk to Strangers” (Elektra 1977)

What makes a stranger so strange? Do we need strangers in our lives? When do they stop to be strange? Clemens Wilhelm’s show “Stranger” combines four video works, which literally confront strangers from varying angles. In “The Meaning of Life” we meet 303 strangers on the streets of New York, Berlin and Chongqing. In “Heim” we hear the favourite jokes of average Germans. In “I’ll Be Your Mirror” we encounter an obsucre white man on a chinese subway. In “Peter is Dead” we witness the life of the perfect stranger Peter, a truck driver and bar owner from West-Berlin.

Clemens Wilhelm (*1980) is a multi media artist from Berlin (D). He is the current artist-in-residence at SUMU / Titanik Gallery, Turku (FIN).

More info:

The Meaning of Life (2009)

The Meaning of Life (2009)

Heim (2010)

I’ll Be Your Mirror (2011)

Peter Is Dead (2012)

SUMU residency artist Clemens Wilhelm presented his international video art festival Greener on the Other Side at Titanik Gallery in July. Now the festival continues its tour de Finland to our mighty capital Helsinki. Greener on the Other Side will be screened in Kallio Kunsthalle 23. August at 7 p.m.

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An airplane circles over Berlin dragging a banner with the message “MACHT NICHTS”. These two seemingly simple German syllables “MACHT NICHTS” are an ambiguous German word play: on the one hand one can read it as a pacification – “It’s no so bad, it doesn’t matter” – on the other hand one could understand it as the imperative “Don’t do anything!”, “Make nothing!”, “Remain passive!”.

The absence of a sender enhances this ambivalence and makes it somewhat uncanny. Omnipresent advertisement strategies usually animate us to consume. A standstill has to be avoided at all costs, permanent action is demanded from us. Not only in the economy a standstill equals regression. “Doing nothing” seems dangerous. However, many of us wish to finally “not do anything”. Lastly, one could read “MACHT NICHTS” as a paradoxical meeting of the nouns “power”(Macht) and “nothing”(Nichts). A paradoxical couple with a full void of meaning that everyone will read differently. But the question remains: “Does it not matter if we don’t do anything?”

(Maria Cristina Calaflores, Art Historian, Berlin)

Since the beginning of the world economical crisis in 2009, MACHT NICHTS has appeared in different shapes: free badges which are handed out in exhibitions, a spot on an LED-Advertisement-Screen, and a billboard in public space, and an airplane banner flight over Berlin.

Watch the video and get more info on MACHT NICHTS:


Clemens Wilhelm (*1980 in West-Berlin) is a multi media artist.

“I believe that everything has been said, but not by everybody. That’s what keeps me going. A good work of art works like a good story. It should shake up your consciousness and make you think and feel. I am not smarter oder dumber than my audience, I want to meet it on eye-level.”

During the residency at SUMU AIR/Titanik Gallery, Clemens Wilhelm will present a selection of his earlier works in combination with new work made in Turku.

more info:



Presented by Clemens Wilhelm


JULY 17th 2012 • 6 pm

Artists: Charlotte Young (UK), Francisco Montoya Cázarez (MEX), Nicolás Rupcich (CL), Daniel Cockburn (CAN), Kate Rowles (UK), Elizabeth Wurst (PE), Constantin Hartenstein (D), Julia Charlotte Richter (D), Dwayne Butcher (USA), Eric Fleischauer (USA), Marko Schiefelbein (D), Clemens Wilhelm (D), Jonathan Monaghan (USA), Reynold Reynolds (USA), & Patrick Jolley (IRE), David Sherry (UK), Chen Yizhong (CN), Jacob Tonski (USA), Mikko Gaestel & Nike Arnold (D).

A proverb tells us that “the grass is always greener on the other side”, reminding us that distant locations always appear greater than they are when seen from afar. But where is this “other side” in the 21th century? When traveling physically, one often cannot escape the feeling that places are becoming more similar, more commodified, more corporate-ruled.

The omnipresent digital medium video travels via internet around the globe and stimulates international dialogue across borders like no other visual medium at the moment. A new generation of video artists speaks up:

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE presents a selection of international video artists whose work reflects the issues of this globalized generation. GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE does not present videos on a specific theme, but shows a collage image of the subconscious of our present. Personal and global issues clash as the individual struggles with society. Often humoristic or absurdist approaches are used to come to terms with not-so-funny topics:

Expect videos about the pitfalls of relationships, the search for the perfect self and the perfect body, the delusions of consumerism, the invisibility of death, the failure of humans to construct useful machines, the thin line between entertainment and news, the loss of the real, and how to still be an artist after all.

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE is a traveling video festival initiated by artist Clemens Wilhelm (Berlin) in 2011. Since then it showed at Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing (CN), Sichuan Fine Arts Insitute, Chongqing (CN), Frequency Time Group, Chengdu (CN), SIM The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik (IS), Meneer de Wit, Amsterdam (NL) and Buitenwerkplaats Artist Residency, Starnmeer (NL). It is now coming to Titanik Gallery, Turku (FI).

more info:

Andrew Demirjian: Reflect, Resonate, Reshape, Repeat

Titanik-galleria 16.6.-21.6.2012Image

Yhdysvaltalainen taiteilija Andrew Demirjian päättää residenssinsä Titanikissa kolmipäiväisellä näyttelyllä. Titanikissa nähdään Demirjianin pitkäaikaisen projektin ”Reflect, Resonate, Reshape, Repeat” (suom. peilaa, värähtelee, muokkaa, toista) uusin versio.

Keskiviikkona 20.6. klo 18 Andrew kertoo yleisölle töistään, jotka ovat usein interaktiivisia ja julkiseen tilaan sijoitettuja. Hän on aiemmin tehnyt mm. levysoittimen, jolla voi ”skrätsätä” audiovisuaalisesti musiikkiyhtiöiden pörssikurssien heittelehtimistä.

Titanikissa nähtävä teos pohjautuu Andrewn eri saleissa pitämiinsä luentoihin, jotka muodostavat loputtoman peilimäisen luupin: näemme videon luennoitsijasta puhujanpöntössä kertomassa videosta, jossa luennoitsija puhujanpöntössä kertoo videosta ja niin edelleen.

Teoksen avulla yleisö voi ”upottaa” itsensä Andrew’n aiempiin luentoihin, sillä galleriassa oleva kamera miksaa live-kuvan Titanikista osaksi aiempia luentoja.

New Yorkissa asuva Andrew Demirjian työskentelee mediataiteen kentällä. Hänen teoksiaan on nähty useisissa meditaidekeskuksissa ja gallerioissa Yhdysvalloissa ja Euroopassa. Demirjian toimii mediataiteen professorina Monmouthin yliopistossa New Jerseyssä.

Vuonna 2006 perustettu Titanikin taiteilijaresidenssi tuo Suomeen kansainvälisiä taiteilijoita, jotka työskentelevät media- ja äänitaiteen, videteosten sekä yhteisöllisten projektien parissa. Vuoden 2013 teemana on äänitaide.

Näyttely on auki ti-to klo 12-18, keskiviikkona taiteilijapuheenvuoro kestää n. klo 20 asti. Tarjolla tuolloin pientä purtavaa & juotavaa.

Lisätietoja: Valtteri Virtanen, 045-8998772,