16/08 – 31/08/2012

Opening: Thu 16/08/12 7 PM (Turku Night of the Arts)

“It always takes one to know one, stranger.

Maybe we’re just wiser now.

Yeah, and been around the block

so many times

that we don’t notice

that we’re all just perfect strangers

as long as we ignore

that we all begin as strangers

just before we find

we really aren’t strangers


– Tom Waits and Bette Midler “I Never Talk to Strangers” (Elektra 1977)

What makes a stranger so strange? Do we need strangers in our lives? When do they stop to be strange? Clemens Wilhelm’s show “Stranger” combines four video works, which literally confront strangers from varying angles. In “The Meaning of Life” we meet 303 strangers on the streets of New York, Berlin and Chongqing. In “Heim” we hear the favourite jokes of average Germans. In “I’ll Be Your Mirror” we encounter an obsucre white man on a chinese subway. In “Peter is Dead” we witness the life of the perfect stranger Peter, a truck driver and bar owner from West-Berlin.

Clemens Wilhelm (*1980) is a multi media artist from Berlin (D). He is the current artist-in-residence at SUMU / Titanik Gallery, Turku (FIN).

More info:

The Meaning of Life (2009)

The Meaning of Life (2009)

Heim (2010)

I’ll Be Your Mirror (2011)

Peter Is Dead (2012)