I am writing a software program to analyze the pattern of seismic waves, and compare and match them with different animal voices. It is a research project of the existence of mysterious beings living under the Earth. Seismic wave is low-frequency acoustic energy that travel through the earth. Scientists believe that it is mostly the result of volcanic and tectonic movements.

My project tries to prove an alternative source: the moan of mysterious beings. There are abundant mentioning of underground divine animals in ancient mythology. Scientific theories, such as plate tectonics, somehow is just an interpretation of our cosmos. It could be just one of the numerous models. Abandoned ancient cosmology is another one.

In recent years, I have been enchanted by the poetic character of “impossibility”. Introducing impossibility in my art could place me in a critical position. Our concept, as well as our perception, is now framed by our modern knowledge. I try to jump out of the scientific dogma and our common sense. I hope my art can create a new universe with different possibility. Whatever it is only mounted on the imaginary plane, it can help escaping from the ordinary life. I believe that this is just the beauty of contemporary art.