photo: Yasue Nagatomo

Yurie Ido (Japan, 1980) studied oil painting and animation at Tama Art University in Tokyo. She moved to Berlin in 2003, where she graduated with an MFA from Udk – Berlin’s University of the Arts – in 2007. While studying at UdK, Ido began making video performances in galleries and theaters around Berlin. In her performances she combines animation, actions and music. Recently she has been performing her work throughout Germany.

The scope of my work is painting and performance. I studied oil painting and animation in Japan. Since the end of 2003 I have been living and working as an artist in Berlin. My performances combine actions, sound and video. I use projected video images as a graphic backdrop for the performances. The video projection also provides a special illumination of the performer. During the performance, I time my actions in order to rhythmically match certain sounds and images in the video projection. The visual material I use in the projections consists of my drawings.

One of my strong points is line drawing. Often, I combine my calligraphy ink drawings with a colourful animation in my video. My videos do not follow a conventional narrative and are without words. The projected two dimensional image in the background is influenced by traditional Japanese art. Its influence can clearly be seen in my pictures,  but also at the same time, I take inspiration from European artists into my work as well.

Egoistic, violent or childlike emotional behaviour is commonly hidden or suppressed when people communicate with each other socially. I try to look squarely to these hidden sentiments in the process of their creation and sudden eruptions. Often, the theme of my work is ”death” and what death means in life. I think that in real life, death is the ultimate fiction and  I try to reflect this in my art.

Yurie Ido will perform outside Titanik Gallery in January 29th. Ido’s performance is part of the finissage of Minna Haukka’s exhibition On Movement. Welcome at 19 p.m. Don’t forget a warm hat!

View Yurie Ido’s performance Inside here: