The previour artists-in-residence of SUMU A.i.R., Maja Spasova and Per Svensson, are returning to Turku and Gallery Titanik with their joint exhibition 2 in 1 on November 17th December 11th.

Maja Spasova

Bulgarian born Maja Spasova has been working on varied areas of contemporary art, experimenting video, performance art and public space. Spasova’s recent work explores the ambiguity of language, the dynamic between polarities in meaning and searches for alternative ways of expressing meaning.

“How much do we understand each other, when communication is loaded with continuous misreading, misunderstandings and misinterpretations? Words – thought, written, pronounced – draw the boundaries of the Possible. What the Word had once created expands, blows up the limits and becomes a creative force on its own. Our roots are at the very center of the universe and our branches and leaves do speak countless languages.”

Per Svensson

Since the 1980’s Swedish born sculptor, painter and soundartist Per Svensson has created his own landmarks with his specific alchemic art expression and soundart dealing with the forces of nature, alchemy, social and environmental issues, the architectural and geometrical structures of nature and its relation to sound, image and space.

The works of Per Svensson investigates the issues of social, political and environmental effects on the planet and our lives. The works of Per Svensson show the connections between the micro-physics, like the bodily functions and quantum-physics such as geometrical structures of Nature to larger structures such as Transmissions into Space and the Evolution of Life in Space. His work is erasing the micro and macro dimensions into one Alchemical platform.

Per Svensson’s Art is a form of research that is investigating the interplay between the sences and the envionment, building new structures with sculpture, film and sound. In his performance pieces he is using his body as a tool for interactions with the forces of nature and the elements, also as actions against environmental pollution. His performance art also include human rights issues.