Splits of Light

Presentation on 11th of August 17 – 18
Opening on 11th of August 18 – 20

Being a sound artist, I move between the fields of experimental music to sound art. For me, sound is both material and form. It is ready to be deformed and to be reform. I am very interested in the materiality of sound and giving my pieces a physical voicing. For the exhibition Splits of Light, I will present sound sculptures associated to the somatic senses and the human body.

Prior to the exhibition opening, I invite you cordially to a presentation of my soundworks and music in Titanik Gallery.


Dennis Tan is a sound artist and musician living and working in Germany. He was born in Singapore and moved to Bremen, Germany to study fine arts. As an artist, he works with sound sculptures, installations and creates strategies for performances. As a musician one would describe his music as sine waves mediation, noises and abstract.