PSSST takes place on the big digital screen in the city center – Wiklund Screen on Market Place.

PSSST takes over the screens in ten buses, bus line 28, Oy Andersson Ab.

PSSST is a true interactive project thanks to the enthusiasm and participation of the public. The project was created in collaboration with people living in Turku and with support by SUMU Artist-in-Residence Program during Maja Spasova´s working period at SUMU March – April this year.

In certain intervals and between the commercial ads the screen suddenly becomes covered by ”white noise”. A new, unexpected image appears from the distortion – a face from the public, a citizen of Turku, with the index finger in front of the lips, with the gesture “Pssst!” This image stays on the screen few seconds, with gaze turned towards the audience at the square. Later it disappears to be followed by the usual commercials. After a period of time a new face appears, again a citizen of Turku and the gesture is repeated. Art project and advertising are incorporated in a continuous stream.

In the buses the project is presented in a slightly different version. There the screens are kept black and the portraits appear out of the dark background. Index finger in front of the lips is a gesture which usually implies that the actor is telling a secret or whispering important information. Or maybe demanding attention?! Or maybe imposing silence?!

PSSST is running in Turku´s urban space between June 3 and September 30.

© ® Maja Spasova, 2011

Concept and camera: Maja Spasova
Editing: Antti Jussila
Postproduction: Das Werk, Berlin
Support: Sumu A.i.R., Turun Osuuskauppa, Wiklund Screen, Oy Andersson Ab, Åbo Akademi
Participants: People living in Turku