I am a video artist working across installation and single-channel modes of practice. My work explores contemporary cultural iconography and the idealized realities that exist within popular representation. I am particularly fascinated by the symbolism of popular clichés, and employ experimental script writing processes that pastiche isolated, fragmented conventions into compelling, revealing stories. I focus on reinventing and re-playing identities through modes of performance, to see what this reveals about our cultural longings.

My performances are both universal signifiers where I recreate a role already recognized in our collective cultural conscious, and also a personal interaction where I play at becoming something ‘other’ than myself. In this respect, I perform the roles in my videos as myself and myself-as-cultural-stereotype. I push my character portrayals so that they become a theatre of performance, by doing so, highlighting the unreal and burlesque nature of the characters I play within a wider social context.

I am very happy to be doing a residency with the Sumu Artist in Residence Program. The project I am working on is titled “I Warned You”. It will be a performative video installation, and will explore the glut of representations presented to us of female sexuality, be they sexy, alluring, shameful, horrific, dangerous, infantile, crazy, excessive or out of control. I will be performing a figure dripping in cultural agenda, while never absolutely answering itself except for the lone cry, “I Warned You”.