Maja Spasova at Sumu Studio

Opening on Tuesday 12th of April at 17‒19

During my residency at Sumu I produced the video project “PSSST” based on collaboration with people living in Turku. The project aims to reclaim the public space for the art, for the citizens, for stillness and contemplation.

Forty citizens of Turku participated in the video project. “PSSST” will be shown in Turku on the big digital screen in the city center (Market Place) and on the screens of some bus lines during the coming months.
A separate press release will follow.

During the recent month I have been also working with a new serial of performances and for this purpose I developed the three cloaks: “Hala”, “Mother of All Patriarchs” and “1001 Stars”. The performances will be shown in several countries this and next year. I made as well many sound recordings and prepared concepts for new sound installations.

At Sumu Studio I show the museum version of the video project “PSSST” as well the sound object “Portrait of a Lady” (diam. 28 cm, height 235 cm, wood, textile, sound equipment).

Thank you to all my forty actors in the video project “PSSST”!

Thank you to the staff and the artists of Sumu who supported my work!

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