February 16th, 3h 30pm Lecture at Turku Arts Academy, Kuvateatteri

Exhibition opening Thursday February 24th at 18 pm

I the past year I have been working with light, sound, drawings and robotics to create site-specific installations in which occur kinetic, sonic and lights events. These installations are long term projects which I modify, dismantle and re-assemble in different ways in different places. Involving some recent technologies and others obsolete, these installations used minimal means while allowing the emergence of multiple tales. I see the processes involved in their creation as attempts of reappropriation of time and space.

During the time I will spend at SUMU space, I will work on a new installation project. I see it as a prototype for a cinematic experiment, which will be created on site. I will work with small objects, scale figures, lights and electronic circuits to produce series of shadows projections. The superposition and phasing of multiple shadows will eventually create animated images sequences. While the space of the exhibition work can work as a “support” for the animated images sequences, I am interested in how the the relation between physical parameters —the durations during which each light is on or off, the order in which they light up, the relative spaces between objects, lights and walls — determined how the animated images come into being and become part of a continuity.

Diane Morin was born in the Kamouraska region of Quebec and now lives and works in Montreal. She has been creating installations since 1998, joining her work with kinetic art and new media. She obtained an M.F.A. in fine arts (studio art) from Concordia University in 2003. Her work is currently being exhibited at. In 2008 she participate in Electrohype (Malmö) and in Effleurement at SAT Gallery (Montreal) and in 2006 in Meanderings (curated by Nicole Gingras) at DAÏMÕN and AXENÉO7 in Gatineau and in the Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine in Trois-Rivières. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions at 300 m3 Art Space in Göteborg, Sweden in 2010, at VU in Quebec City in 2008, at Optica in Montreal and Mercer Union in Toronto in 2007, at Circa in Montreal in 2005 and at La chambre blanche in Quebec City in 2001, among other places.