Branko Miliskovic was born on June 30, 1982 in Belgrade/Serbia. Born in Former Yugoslavia he was the last generation of Marshall Tito’s Pioneers. In 1989 Yugoslavia broke up and he has started his basic education passing through the period of isolation, embargo, inflation and devastation of his country. Miliskovic studied Polytechnic High School (Industrial Design) and Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade/Serbia. He graduated from Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands and obtained his Bachelor in 2009. Miliskovic creates direct, visually purified and structurally intelligible works. He is faithfully dedicated to the Time Based Experiences ( Sein und Zeit ) using his body as a main tool, subject and object establishing particularly purified communication with the audience, creating live images and dealing with his national and emotive background. Branko Miliskovic is devoted to a long term works, living installation, video and film. Miliskovic research the audience as a complex living machine, interested in behaviour of individuals within the group/collective, resistance, confessions, psychological drill, levels of concentration and attention as well as cooperation and loyalty. Branko became very interested in issues of heroism, homelands, national hymns, patriots and traitors, warriors, naturally over-temperamental points on the Earth, conditions and it’s impact on certain inhabitants…

Branko Miliskovic is currently based in Hamburg, Germany and was performing and exhibiting in Venice, Turin, Alba (Italy), Hamburg, Gießen (Germany), Krems (Austria), Belgrade (Serbia), Tel Aviv ( Israel), Brussels (Belgium), Moscow ( Russia), The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Arnhem, Den Bosch (The Netherlands). Miliskovic participates on performance festivals, workshops and residence programs worldwide.

From December 7th, 2010 until January 15th, 2011 , Branko Miliskovic will be artist in residence at Sumu. Miliskovic will be researching the audience from Finland, passing through them via specially constructed form of interviews, collaboration, engaging the audience to become a part of particularly designated images that should mark the territory of Finland as well as to shape ‘’the fictive history that never happened’’.

On December 18th, 2010, at 2 p.m. Branko Miliskovic will be giving a presentation/lecture at the Titanik Gallery about his recent works and announcing his plans during the residence period in Turku.