Guro Gomo (NO) / Birger Storaas (NO) / Fideelia-Signe Roots (EE)

Opening on Thursday 18th November at 18.00

This year, three artists have worked at the Sumu Artist-in-Residence programme of the Artists´ Association Arte in Turku, sponsored by the Nordic Culture Point. They are now presenting the fruits of their labour at Titanik Gallery.

Guro Gomo will present reproduced Finnish paintings inside golden frames with video projections cast on to the canvas inside the frames. The projections will be accompanied by a sound collage to add to the atmosphere inside the gallery. Her aim is to illustrate how a looped segment based on a narrative projected towards the paintings reliefs a traditional image from its state of lifelessness by introducing changing atmospheres in the work itself. Her work “Kunst og publikum” (Art and Spectator) will challenge the spectator’s perception of art by combining traditional motifs with modern techniques.

Birger Storaas presents two videos in the exhibition. ”Whiteout” is a video from 2008 from a project experimenting on different ways of “killing” or deforming toy-soldiers. The idea was to enter a child’s mind, and explore a destructive way of playing. The video is an presentation of the result. “Skies N’ Guns” is a new video where Storaas is exploring videogames and their capabilities of presenting the reality in its “in-game” world. A world where the player, through his character, gets the feeling of being able to explore possibilities and manifest and create ideas and thoughts formerly limited to his mind. A dialogue occurs between the limitations and possibilities of the game and the fantasy and imagination of the player.

Fideelia-Signe Roots’ project is about artists’ life in capitalist society. The aim of her work is to create a dialogue in Turku between decision-makers, art audience and artists about artists’ current role. When she met local artists she noticed, that they meet the same challenges as her. Why they keep making art? Why does the artist herself?

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