Since the late 90’s I’ve been playing with the idea of creating artistic self-portraits capturing different sides of my personality. Since I’m a Gemini, you can imagine I have lots of those. I’ve been using my face and body in more than 1,000 self-portraits, each one completely different from the other. On these portraits, you can pretty much document not only the lives of the characters I portrait, but also my own. Fun, isn’t it?

My influences are extremely wide, travelling through the worlds of surrealism, dada, pop art and pop surrealism. The whole concept of the soul and body taught as my physical body, but as my soul who uses the body as a vehicle to my life experiences. The confusion of the genders and sexuality are also a big part of the aesthetic of my portraits, in which I try always to be a genderless character – so people can figure out by themselves who or what am I. Yes, I do like to confuse people.

Everything is done by myself. From the choice of subject to the make-up process, from the choice of what shoes to wear until the final digital retouching, everything is a hard (but fun) labour of love. The characters who live inside the Planet Gothz are whimsical, funny, sometimes scary living creatures. Everybody is invited to visit this planet – as long (and that’s mandatory) they have a good sense of humour.