Under the Same Shadow is an ongoing collaboration between artists Alexander DeMaria and Owen Rundquist. Our collaborative work explores the place of ritualism, the occult and cultural histories in a pop context. We create multi-media installations and performances in which ancient practices and contemporary sub-cultures inform and react to one another, giving birth to something that feels unknown and familiar at the same time.

For Sumu A.I.R. we will be exploring the continuing importance of cleansing rituals, from ancient saunas and sweat lodges through contemporary heavy metal performances. We will create a sonic sauna/sweat lodge in the gallery space that utilizes sound as its purifying element. Guests will have the opportunity to partake in a personal ritual whose fundamentals are illustrated through large-scale wall drawings. This ritual is intended as both a cleansing and a rite of passage. Like the heat of the sauna, the loud feedback from the amplifier will be uncomfortable at first, but with time it will become soothing, cleansing, and will hopefully provide the viewer with a profound spiritual experience. In addition there will be a hand silk-screened cassette edition available containing the sound piece from the exhibition as well as three other Under the Same Shadow compositions.

Alexander DeMaria is an artist based in Boston, MA. DeMaria’s work deals with folklore in a modern context. Based on ancient myths, fantasy and heavy metal imagery his work creates an imagined (sub)cultural history and mythology.

Owen Rundquist is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Rundquist deals with themes of entropy, duality, occultism, and marginalized experience in the pursuit of a contemporary cosmology. His work is rooted in a long-term love affair with heavy metal.