I am interested in showing film of the daily life, graphic interface, and relation between delayed or modified images when they are captured on screen. Almost all of my works are relevant to my home city’s stories.

”The Death of Buffalo” is the work which has taken advantage of the documentary film about zoo. Buffalo is dying because he has been hurt in the rutting season battle. I think this image shows the desire between craving and real life. I can see these emotional things in SEOUL, capital city of South Korea. For example, Seoul was promoted to reform some old city area into new buildings area. The Government called it “redevelopment”. This demolishing process caused riots and deaths, because the old tenants were forced to leave their houses. The demolition process came to a head in the so called Yongsan Inferno, where six people died. The demolition was illegality, and the government tried to fabricate public opinion during the police investigation.

These conflicts have recurred for many years. I think that our blurred vision causes these problems, and you can see it in zoo too. The zoo limits animals credence and freedom of movement. Because of conditions most of the animals look like a little bit mad. Zoo-goers can’t recognize indifferent eyes of animals, and their children adopt the same attitude. Some people try to tease or annoy animals just for fun. This desire can be called maltreatment.

I think that desire blurs our sight.

The work “Arrows” has been inspired by the Keep to the right Campaign of South Korea. This campaigns aim was to get Koreans keep to the right when walking in public. Until now pedestrians have been using the left side of the street in Korea, they have stayed to the left. This campaign provoked controversy, and it cost a lot of money. People claimed that the campaign was started because of the aversion of left. The Government told that the campaign prevented traffic accidents, but of course people couldn’t accept only this kind of explanation. The campaign began about 10 months ago, but many people fall into confusion even now.

Kang Minsoo is a South-Korean media artist based in Seoul. He has been working at the Sumu Residency since 1st of June. He has studied fine arts in Hongik University and finished his Bachelor’s degree in 2001.