These are pictures based on CG. My work affected by the experience of Visual Industry for 8 years. Error images that intelligent computer and CG software make at while, Pictures what used for entertainment industry, Graphic interface, and Rotoscope are my Sources.

Normal waste or things can be seens as different view in the sensuous feel is my primary objective.


Two projects are running for 40 days in SUMU.

<Rotatescope: DEATH OF BUFFALO>

The buffalo is dying because it cannot stand himself. The work makes scenes of documentary which taken dying buffalo in the zoo to Rotoscope. Rotoscope is garbage data after finishing movie work. I want to talk about vanishing existence between definite death and appearance images we watched. It is absolutely be there, but we miss.

This work will take a form as some kind of animation.


This Project started from the campaign “Keep to the right” in South Korea. In Korea, People keep to the left, and traffic keeps to the right. It caused by occupation of Japan and U.S.A.

The Right suggests this strange campaign. They said its purpose is for people’s safe, but they couldn’t show data of accident or any unsafe situations. Some people thought it caused by hatred of The Left. This opinion is Keep to the left can stimulate associations of the Left. I have curiosity of these suppositions.

I will mess up people of Finland’s way of walking for this project of “ARROWS”. I’ll take video sources and remake by software.