an inhabited installation

March 5 – 12, 2010

Sumu space, Gallery Titanik

Emily Sweeney: performance, video, set
Bilwa: sound, video, set
Johanna Porola: costume

What does my body say to your body? What does your skin hear? What do my movements say to your muscles? What does my breath say to your lungs?

Breathscape is an inhabited installation that integrates body-sounds and videos with live performance to investigate the impact of new media technologies on somatic experience. Breath, muscle movement, and touch—basic, universal elements of physicality—become common points of reference around which audience and performer consider the ways our bodies hold images, ideas, and memories in both live and virtual contexts. Breathscape seeks to draw observers’ attention to their own kinesthetic navigation of emerging technological environments, providing a space for meditating on the body’s changing communicative powers in the emerging virtual realm.

On view March 5—12, 2010
Monday – Friday, 12:00—18:00
Saturday – Sunday, 12:00—16:00